Mission statement and company policy of BIERI Hydraulik AG

In compliance with all legal provisions, particularly those related to the environment and the health and safety of our customers and employees, we want to continue our development and to safeguard our future.

Above all, we want to keep our existing and potential customers at the centre of our thoughts and to give them our time and attention. We try to ascertain their needs and expectations as accurately as possible so that we can meet their requirements. In doing so, we adhere to current legislative, legal and regulatory provisions and, in this connection, take into account the future development of our products.

With the same objective in mind, we strive for a cooperative partnership with our suppliers and with governmental authorities.

Our customers’ satisfaction is largely based on our staff’s technical expertise and their continuous training. The close attention we pay to our customers’ needs and the technical knowledge and skills of our employees, paired with modern production and manufacturing methods, are the most important components of our success. For this reason, we are also very keen to offer our employees a clean, pleasant and modern working environment in which the focus is on the individual.


Our company policy can be summed up as follows:

  • We pay the fullest possible attention to our customers.
  • Our products meet the latest technical standards and are designed to be of maximum use to our customers.
  • The knowledge, skill and well-being of our employees are extremely important to us. We promote their further development.
  • The continuous improvement of our processes should constantly enhance our company’s performance and optimise our use of resources.
  • By adhering to all legal provisions, we reduce or eliminate the effects on the environment caused by our activities.
  • We maintain a healthy partnership with our suppliers and good relations with institutions, authorities and financial partners.
  • An appropriate company structure as well as effective organisational and communications channels ensure the effective functioning of our company.

The shareholders, board of directors and management take the responsibility to ensure that this company policy is distributed to all employees of BIERI Hydraulik AG and implemented at all levels.