Medical engineering

Applications in medical engineering make the highest demands on hydraulics. It is crucial to control great resistance in the narrow installation space where only small components may be used. A failure due to leakage could lead to disastrous consequences for the patient.
In order to move medical equipment, special hydraulic systems of the highest quality and reliability are essential to perform extraordinary tasks.

BIERI produces standard and customized solutions to fulfill the following criteria:

  • As many as 12 movements
  • Synchronized movements
  • Secure (mechanical locking/shutoff valve)
  • Quietness
  • Smooth running functions
  • Different speeds
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Leakage free
  • High power in the smallest available space 

Bieri produces small power units with DCmotors, in single or doubly secured design; valve blocks for controlling single and double acting cylinders; single and double acting cylinders with built-in pilot operated valves.


BIERI systems are used in surgical tables, X-Ray and CT-tables, delivery beds, etc.