Bieri micro power unit for heavy load transportation


In cooperation with Hydac AB Süd and HTS - Hydraulische Transportsysteme GmbH we developed a modularly designed micro power unit which enables very compact motor-pump and power unit solutions for confined installation spaces.

Due to the modular design, valves of the type WVH-4B can be flange-mounted as individual valves or in a valve bank, depending on the functional requirements. As an alternative, numerous valves from the HYDAC mini-valve kit are available for combination with the motor-pump assembly.

The micro unit was installed in the HTS ECO-Skate eMotion 40H from HTS.
Key data of the system:

  • Pressure range up to 500 bar
  • extremely low installation height of the hydraulics of < 90 mm
  • Overall system height < 180 mm
  • Transport of loads up to 40'000 kg

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