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Pumping elements PEH


  • Self priming
  • High reliability
  • Pumping element is filled during outward movement of the element and is discharged during external powered movement (ingoing movement)
  • Flow is automatically controlled by the built-in valves
  • The pumping element will discharge fluid independently of the direction of rotation
Operating pressure:up to 1000 bar
Stroke:0,16 up to 0,91 cm3


  • Consists of a cylinder with built-in nonreturn valves in the suction and the pressure port, a piston and a piston return spring
  • To allow for the relative movements between the pistons and the eccentric, use a ball or roller bearing for the latter, the pistons running directly on the bearing‘s outer ring


  • Hand driven pumps, the piston being actuated by a rocker arm
  • Radial piston pumps, where the piston is being driven by an eccentric fitted to a rotating shaft (the eccentric converts the rotating motion into the alternating movement of the piston)

Technical Data

Hydraulic fluidMineral oil according to DIN 51524 (other fluids on request)
Fluid temperature range-20 up to 80°C
Viscosity range12 to 220 mm2/S
Max. operating pressureup to 1000 bar, see product information
Filtration (recommendation)According to NAS 1638 class 6 resp. ISO/DIN 4406 17/15/12
WeightSee product information
Max. speed2000 rpm
Installation positionAny
Suction-0.042 bar (gives max. 500 mm of suction height with hydraulic oil)
Fixation screws
(not included in the scope of supplier)
Quality 8.8
Tightening torque 40 Nm
MaterialPiston: Case-hardened steel
Cylinder: Heat treated steel