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Combination pumps KKP

BIERI radial piston pumps KKP and SKP (SKP with adapted external gear pump) are very light and compact designed 2-stage pump units (HP/LP) with hollow shaft. This enables optimum space-saving installation with a direct mounted E-motor (without bell housing and coupling).
Adapted with integrated valves this pump series is unbeatable regarding multifunctionality and optimization of installation space.

Operating pressure LP:up to 160 bar
Displacement LP:0,35 bis 4.60 cm³/U
Operating pressure HP:up to 700 bar
Displacement HP:0,12 up to 1,88 cm³/rev
Speed Range:1500 up to 3600 rpm



Hollow shaft and integrated valves:extremely compact and weight-saving
Valve controlled and low piston clearance:Very high volumetric efficiency over a broad speed range
Bearing designed for maximum constant pressure (500 bar, 700 bar, 1000 bar):Long operating life
Optimized design of inlet and outlet valves:Very high suction performance
Low piston clearance:Very high volumetric efficiency on a wide speed range
Minimized dead volume of pistons, linked together with optimized design of suction valves:Self-venting
Modular pump system:Enables supply of standard pumps as well as special customized models

Segments & Applications

  • Hydraulic tools
  • Rescue tools
  • Clamping  technology & jig construction
  • Energy
  • Construction & recycling
  • Lifting and transport systems
  • Ship building


  • Integrated low-pressure unloading valve
  • Integrated fail safe valve (not suitable for continuous operation, must not be used to restrict the system pressure!)
  • With hollow shaft for direct mounting of motor without bell housing and coupling

Technical Data

Hydraulic fluidMineral oil according to DIN 51524 (other fluids on request)
Fluid temperature range-20 to 80°C
Ambient temperature range-30 to 50°C
Viscosity range12 to 220 mm2/s
Operation pressure at suction port-0,2 bar to 0,5 bar (relative)
Max. operating pressure HP-700 bar
Max. operating pressure LP60 bar resp. 160 bar (preset by producer)
Filtration (recommendation)According to NAS 1638 class 6 resp. ISO/DIN 4406 17/15/12
WeightSee product information
Installation positionIn oil reservoir (any)
Max. speed rangeSee Product information
Direction of rotation (position in tank)Any
Suction heightMax. 150 resp. 400 mm
MaterialEccentric shaft and valve block: steel
Pump housing and gear pump: aluminium