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Pilot operated check valve type ERVPM

  • Porting NG 10
  • Operating pressure: up to 500 bar
  • Flow rate: up to 63 l/min



  • Leakage free
  • Load supported closing
  • With pre-release


The ERVPM is used for leakage free shutoff and active opening of flow rates up to 63 l/min. Releasing takes place in two stages with a pilot pressure (unlock pressure) at port X. At low unlock pressure (from 1/10 of working pressure) opens only a smaller valve section. The complete cross section opens at ¼ of the working pressure.
The compact design allows the integration directly to the cylinders and motors. Besides the load holding function this configuration provides a higher stiffness in the system.
Omitting the locking screw the pilot pressure port can be tubed directly at the outer face.


  • Cartridge with locking screw
  • Control connection
  • Movable valve elements (hardened)

Technical data

Hydraulic fluidMineral oil according to DIN 51524 (other fluids on request)
Fluid temperature range– 25 up to 80 °C
Ambient temperature range– 25 up to 80 °C
Viscosity range5 up to 400 mm2/s
Max. operating pressure connection A, P, X500 bar
Max. flow rate63 l/min
FiltrationAccording to ISO/DIN 4406 class 17/15/12
Cracking pressure (check valve RV)0.3 +0.1 bar
Unlock pilot pressure ratio1. phase: 1:10
2. phase: 1:2.5
Min. unlockpilot pressure 2.5 +0.5 bar
Pressure drop1. phase: 200 bar at 50 l/min
2. phase: 6 bar at 50 l/min