Micro-axial piston pump AKP 103/105

Operating pressure up to 500 bar
Displacement volume 0,10 up to 0,36 cm³/rev
Speed Range 100 up to 5000 rpm


Features Advantages
Low piston clearance and optimized design of inlet and outlet valves Very high and constant volumetric efficiency on a wide speed (100 up to 5000 rpm) and pressure range
Permanent self lubrication and cooling through suction flow Improved lifetime and low noise
Sturdy construction of bearings and optimal design of the suction valves Improved reliability even in rough ambient conditions (high temperature, severe vibrations) and restricted space conditions
Automatic venting by raising and lowering the pressure or by switching the motor on and off several times Enables supply of standard pumps as well as special customized models



Technical Data

Hydraulic fluid Mineral oil according to DIN 51524 (other fluids on request)
Fluid temperature range -20 to 80°C
Ambient temperature range -30 to 50°C
Viscosity range 5 to 220 mm²/s
Max. operating pressure 500 bar
Displacement volume 0,10 up to 0,36 cm³/rev
Operation pressure at suction port -0.2 bar to +0.5 bar gauge pressure
Filtration (recommendation) According to NAS 1638 class 6 resp. ISO/DIN 4406 17/15/12
Weight See table
Axial force onto driving shaft Not allowed
Radial force onto driving shaft On request
Max. speed range 100 up to 5000 min⁻¹
Direction of rotation Any
Installation position According mounting drawing
Material Housing: aluminium anodised
Pump head: steel blued