Combination pumps SKPI

Operating pressure LP: up to 100 bar
Displacement LP: 4,45 up to 16.71 cm3/U
Operating pressure HP: up to 700 bar
Displacement HP: 0,45 up to 2,71 cm3/rev
Speed Range: up to 2000 rpm


Features Advantages
Hollow shaft and integrated valves: extremely compact and weight-saving
Valve controlled and low piston clearance: Very high volumetric efficiency over a broad speed range
Bearing designed for maximum constant pressure (500 bar, 700 bar, 1000 bar): Long operating life
Optimized design of inlet and outlet valves: Very high suction performance
Low piston clearance: Very high volumetric efficiency on a wide speed range
Minimized dead volume of pistons, linked together with optimized design of suction valves: Self-venting
Modular pump system: Enables supply of standard pumps as well as special customized models
Valve block now equipped with pressure relief valve DVM (700 bar) and unloading valve DAM: Easy to adjust and fatigue resistant
Available also without valve block: Valves can be individually installed outside of the tank

Segments & Applications


Technical Data

Hydraulic fluid Mineral oil according to DIN 51524 (other fluids on request)
Fluid temperature range -20 to 80°C
Ambient temperature range -30 to 50°C
Viscosity range 12 to 220 mm2/s
Max. operating pressure HP 700 bar
Max. operating pressure LP 100 bar (preset by producer)
Suction pressure -0,2 bar up to 0,5 bar (relative)
Filtration (recommendation) According to NAS 1638 class 6 resp. ISO/DIN 4406 17/15/12
Weight See product information
Installation position In oil reservoir (vertical)
Radial force / Axial force onto driving shaft Not allowed
Max. speed 2000 rpm
Direction of rotation Clockwise
Suction height Max. 400 mm
Material Eccentric shaft and valve block: steel
Pump housing and gear pump: cast aluminium