Newsletter 2021/07

Newsletter BRK501/502 and BRK1002

BRK501/502 and BRK 1002 with new flange design and material

The BRK501/502 pump series has been revised and is now supplied with a steel pump flange instead of aluminium.

The BRK1002 pump series (pressures up to 1000 bar, formerly BRK12) has received a new flange design and is also supplied with a steel flange. In addition, the pumps have an improved bearing guide and are suitable for a Maximator connection.

These measures guarantee higher fatigue strength and longer product life.




  • Max. Operating pressure 500 bar
  • Displacement volume 0.76 to 8.14 cm³/rev.
  • Max. Speed 2000 min-¹


  • Max. Operating pressure 1000 bar
  • Displacement volume 1.10 to 6.33 cm³/rev.
  • Max. Speed 2000 min-¹


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You will find powerful Radial Piston Pumps up to 1000 bar as well as space-optimizing Axial Piston Pumps with the smallest flow rates and high pressures.


Our valves in nominal sizes 4 and 6 with pressures up to 1000 bar have been well tested and are reliable. They are available in several switching positions and designs.

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Modular High-Pressure Power Units, Pressure Switches, Level Switches and various accessories complete our product range.

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