Directional poppet valves WVH-4B-Bi

Features Advantages
Directly operated 2/2-and 3/2-way functions, bidirectional seat tight with defined pattern, applicable in very rough ambient conditions and very low temperatures
Seat tight Good suitability for high viscous media (grease)
360° turnable and exchangeable plug-in coil Arbitrary position of solenoid coil, replacement of coils without opening of the pressure tight spaces
Zinc iron coated coils, valve body made of corrosion resistant heat-treated steel High corrosion resistance
As "stand-alone" valves or in valve banks with subplates Dead space optimized (for applications with grease)

Segments & Applications


Technical Data

Hydraulic fluid Mineral oil according to DIN 51524 /Grease according to class NLGI 2
Fluid temperature range -20 to 80°C (down to -40°C on Request)
Ambient temperature range -30 to 50°C (down to -40°C on Request)
Viscosity range 5 mm²/s to class NLGI 2/s
Porting NG 4 according to Bieri standard
Max. operating pressure 700 bar
Max. flow rate / mass flow 12 l/min (Grease: approx. 2.5 kg/min)
Filtration (recommendation) According NAS 1638 class 6 resp. ISO/DIN 4406 17/15/12
Duty cycle DC 100%
Solenoid voltage (nominal power) 24 VDC (27.2 W) / 110 VAC (25 W) / 230 VAC (25 W)
Voltage tolerance +/- 10%
Switching time 40 - 120 ms (depending on viscosity)
Degree of protection according DIN 40050 IP 63 according to EN 60529 / DIN 40050 (solenoid IP 65)
Weight 0.85 kg
Material Corrosion-resistant steel
(coil housing: ZnFe - corrosion protection)