Directional poppet valves with position monitoring WVM-6I-R

Bieri Hydraulik AG introduces its new directional poppet valves WVM-6I-R with position monitoring. The feature position monitoring enables the detection of the valve piston position. The electrical signals from the non-contact sensors can be used for diagnosis in safety-relevant parts of electronic control systems and in condition recording in the context of industry 4.0.

Thanks to the position monitoring, a higher diagnostic coverage (DC) of the overall system can be achieved, which enables the use in control systems of higher categories.

Key data of the valves:

  • 2/2 and 3/2 valve types
  • Monitored positions ROA and RO/RA
  • Directly operated
  • Poppet tight
  • NG 6 ISO
  • Max. flow rate up to 12 l/min
  • Operating pressure up to 500 bar

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